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Diet and weight loss are crucial elements to healthier and longer lives. There are many fundamentals involved in dieting and achieving weight loss which include exercise and instituting proper eating habits. While there is an abundance of information available online, so much of it is contradictory or in raw forms as to make due diligence difficult for the common person. As always, your results may vary.

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• Eat frequently and eat slowly. A safe and healthy way to lose weight is to eat smaller meals and to eat frequently throughout the day. This keeps your body’s metabolism working. Eating slowly gives our bodies time to tell us that they are full before we’ve eaten more than we need.

• Eat more raw fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Eating unprocessed foods, fruits, vegetables and whole grains is best for your metabolism and will help aid in weight loss. Processed food contains toxins that are dangerous for our bodies and compromise the productivity of our digestive systems.

• Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine. A detox will be wasted flushing these toxins from the body, instead of the harmful ones that have been built-up in your body over the years.

• A consistent exercise program. Cardiovascular exercises 3 times a week for 30-60 minutes help increase the metabolism and your digestive system.